Revived and reimagined for the modern mobile tech world more than three years ago, Motorola’s Razr family hasn’t exactly proven immensely successful in the

foldable smartphone segment copiously dominated by Samsung.

But Motorola is of course not stopping there, predictably

teasing a “much better” new Razr model ahead of an official launch later this year. Unfortunately, the company has yet to detail what kind of 2023 upgrades and enhancements are in the pipeline, and a fresh rumor is not painting an incredibly promising picture.

A Plus variant with Minus battery life

What comes after the Motorola Razr (2019), Razr 5G (2020), and Razr (2022)… with 5G connectivity of its own? Apparently, a Motorola Razr+ (2023), at least according to the generally reliable “industry sources” of the folks over at


What does the Plus stand for? Believe it or not, a major downgrade in battery size, presumably among others. Other upgrades, hopefully, because the 2,850mAh cell capacity currently tipped for this otherwise mysterious first

Motorola foldable to carry Razr+ branding is, put simply, terrible.

It’s also a huge step back from the 3,500mAh battery-packing

Razr (2022), bringing this expected 2023 Plus model largely on par with a

2020 non-Plus variant. In case you’re wondering, Samsung’s

Galaxy Z Flip 4, which just so happens to be the world’s most popular foldable handset right now, comes with a comparably massive 3,700mAh cell under the hood.

It’s hard to explain why Motorola would go backwards instead of forward after earning decent reviews (for a change) with the third-gen Razr… unless, of course, this rumor proves to be bogus. Another possibility is that the company will look to release

two different foldables in 2023, one with a tiny battery and a presumably fitting price and the other significantly more powerful and likely a lot costlier too.

Other rumored Motorola Razr+ (2023) specs and features

That’s an area where the Razr lineup already shines in comparison with the competition for the title of

best foldable phone in the world, as the 2022 edition sports a 2.7-inch external display while the aforementioned Z Flip 4 bestseller, for instance, only comes with 1.9 inches of Super AMOLED screen real estate on its cover.

It remains unclear just how big Motorola will go in that department this year, although the change certainly looks… noticeable in the leaked picture above. The primary panel, meanwhile, is likely to stay at 6.7 inches, with very few other details revealed or even easy to anticipate at this point.

Today’s report does disclose the XT2321 model number of the Razr+ (2023), which should make it a little easier to dig up information from various public sources ahead of an announcement that could take place sometime this summer.

The only other tidbit you can probably take for granted is 30W wired charging support, which matches what the Razr (2022) offers while actually beating the Galaxy Z Flip 4 from that particular standpoint… without recommending the Razr Plus (2023) for a spot among the overall

best phones money can buy in 2023.

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Motorola Razr+ (2023) foldable expected out ‘soon’ with disappointing battery

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Motorola Razr+ (2023) foldable expected out ‘soon’ with disappointing battery

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