Motorola Razr+ leak reveals telephoto camera, better water resistance, and AI [Video]

Ahead of its debut next week, a new leak has revealed that the upcoming Motorola Razr+ (2024) will upgrade the camera with a telephoto lens, improve water resistance, and, of course, add some AI.

Previous leaks of Motorola’s upcoming Razr+ haven’t really detailed any meaningful changes for the foldable flip phone. Where the cheaper model appears to be getting a full-size cover display, the flagship looked to just be getting a spec bump. But a leaked, official-looking video offers a couple of interesting tidbits.

The video, shared on Twitter/X by @MysteryLupin starts by showing off the cover display again. The bezels do seem smaller this time around, but it doesn’t appear to be a major difference.

Secondly, it mentions improved water resistance, touting “underwater protection.” The disclaimer at the bottom of the video mentions IPX8 resistance, which is a mixed bag in terms of improvements. The previous model touted IP52 dust and water resistance which meant splashes weren’t an issue, but full submersion could be. What stood out was the dust protection. Dust resistance isn’t on many foldables, with Samsung, for example, only offering water resistance. IPX8 matches Samsung’s foldables, but it’s unclear if dust will be a problem as a result.

The video then goes into the camera. It reveals that, on a hardware level, one of the cameras will offer telephoto zoom. The previous Razr+ had a standard camera alongside an ultrawide, as most dual-camera devices opt for nowadays. Telephoto cameras are quite rare on foldable flip phones, so this is a welcome addition with the new Motorola Razr+, but it’s unclear if it comes at the cost of an ultrawide shooter.

And of course, there’s also mention of AI. The camera is apparently “AI-powered” and the device includes “Moto AI.” Motorola previously brought AI features to some of its international releases, but this is the first push in the US.

Motorola is set to launch its new Razr foldables next week.

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