If you weren’t impressed by Google’s Pixel Fold and are still on the hunt for a new foldable phone, Motorola wants to perk your ears up with their latest teaser.

In a post to Twitter, the company revealed that the next generation of the Motorola Razr, the company’s foldable phone based on the classic, will be announced on Thursday, June 1st. The Motorola account said to be ready to “flip the script” on that date with a video that, if you look closely, appears to show two Razr phones closing in unison.

Almost more interesting than knowing when the phone will be announced is where it may be available. The Motorola US account quote tweeted the Motorola tweet with the side eyes, indicating that the new Razr may be coming stateside after Motorola skipped the US last year.

So, what are we expecting from the next generation of the Razr? As reported back in April, one thing we definitely know is that the new foldable will feature a gigantic display on the outside of the phone. The next version of the Motorola Razr looks like it is going to feature an even larger cover display with cutouts for the outer lenses and flash.

The photos, which were leaked last month, also show that the next-generation foldable may come in a new red colorway. A new “Personalize” menu that “includes options such as changing the wallpaper, themes, fonts, colors, and more” was also highlighted in the leaked images.

Motorola’s Razr teaser comes a week after Google officially unveiled the Pixel Fold at its Google I/O developer conference. At $1,799, the Pixel Fold is taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold for foldable phone dominance. The Razr, in comparison, is going after the Samsung Galaxy Flip market. We’ll see how Motorola does, especially if they are entering the U.S. market with the foldable.

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Motorola reveals that the next generation of the Razr is coming on June 1

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