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  • Motorola has unveiled a few new AI concepts, including a MotoAI conversational chatbot that lives on-device.
  • Other AI concepts include generative AI wallpapers, AI doc scanning, and more.

Conversational AI chatbots are the hottest tech innovation in the market right now, and everyone wants to prove that they can make a good one. We’ve seen the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard taking the internet by storm as users explored creative ways these AI assistants could make their lives easier. Now, Motorola is entering the conversational AI chatbot race with its new MotoAI personal assistant.


At Lenovo Tech World 2023, Motorola has announced a few new AI-based tech innovations. The most noteworthy is MotoAI, a personal assistant for PCs and smartphones. It’s still being called a concept at this stage, though we’ve contacted Motorola for more details about its rollout and hardware support.

MotoAI is a large language model with a knowledge base that is said to adapt to patterns and usage. It has natural voice and text interaction capabilities.

Motorola says users can engage with the MotoAI assistant to answer questions, draft messages, schedule tasks, and more. It can process data and run locally on-device, though the announcement does not mention whether any specialized hardware (like an NPU) is needed. The on-device knowledge base learns user’s patterns and preferences, making it more dynamic, personal, and helpful.

Generative AI wallpapers

In addition to MotoAI, Motorola has a new generative AI model concept that runs locally to generate AI wallpapers. Users can upload a picture of their outfit, and the AI model will generate multiple custom wallpapers for their device.

2.0 Mobile Doc Scan

Another AI concept model is the Doc Scanner, which is being granted AI capabilities. This will improve image quality by minimizing wrinkles and shadows on scanned documents.

AI Text Summarization

Motorola is also leveraging AI for AI Text Summarization. This concept takes long-form chats, emails, and reports and summarizes them into shorter key points.

Privacy Content Obfuscation

Motorola Privacy Content Obfuscation

Privacy Content Obfuscation uses AI to identify and blur profile pictures and names in social media screenshots.

Which AI concepts would you like to see on your Motorola smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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