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New AR Smart Glasses Allow Deaf People See Conversations


New artificial intelligence ‘AI’ powered smart glasses allow deaf people to see conversations with real-time subtitles as well as rewind the chat.

Branded XRAI Glass, the latest technology uses ordinary augmented reality “AR” glasses synchronized to a smartphone app with AI-powered software.

The software has potential utilization for anyone and gives the user a new kind of personal assistant that remembers what they have forgotten.

The “AI assistant” employs deep learning technology to write back even the most complicated questions. Some of the learning mechanizations include large-scale learning models (LLMs).

Live captioning app can translate over nine languages

The app even possesses the ability to translate nine different languages in near-real time, and more are coming in the next few months.

“Imagine Alexa in front of your eyes,” Mitchell Feldman, co-founder and chief marketing officer for XRAI exclaimed.

XRAI says it is presently in sync with the Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses. They hope to work with all AR and XR headset manufacturers in future, however.

AI technology inspired by co-founder’s grandfather

Co-founder Dan Scarfe’s 97-year-old grandfather’s hearing loss and his subsequent difficulty participating in family gatherings inspired the idea for the smart glasses.

“Where his grandfather came to life the most was watching television and using subtitles,” Feldman said.

He added, “If he enjoys captioning, why can’t we caption his life? And that was the genesis of how this product started.”

The standard live captioning app is free to download with the assistant, while the translation services are paid for via subscription.

Impressed, some welcome the glasses

Justin Osmond, who was diagnosed at the age of two with severe hearing loss, was one of the people most amazed by the XRAI Glass.

Osmond, son of Merrill Osmond of the American pop group The Osmonds, was astounded by a conversation with his wife while using them.

“What’s amazing is not only can I follow everything she says, even if I don’t look up at her, if I have to look down or look somewhere else, it’s all right there in front of me,” he said.

Likewise, Tasha Ghouri, who was born deaf and received a cochlear implant at age five. Ghouri, who became the first deaf contestant on the British reality show Love Island in 2022, broke down after seeing speech translated into text in real time.

Promising technology needs some improvements

It is sometimes a struggle understanding group conversations when people speak over each other. A fairly quiet environment is also needed to interpret that speech accurately.

Compatibility is also another issue. Currently, the app for the smart glasses is only  supported by fourteen android smart phone models. The Glasses are also not yet compatible with the iPhone. A free version of the Apple app will be made available, but users will have to pay for premium features. The smart glasses themselves can be purchased separately for $484.


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New AR Smart Glasses Allow Deaf People See Conversations

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New AR Smart Glasses Allow Deaf People See Conversations

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New AR Smart Glasses Allow Deaf People See ConversationsNew AR Smart Glasses Allow Deaf People See Conversations

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