Carl Pei, CEO and founder of Nothing, spoke with Forbes for an extensive feature article, revealing already-known facts about Ear (1) and Phone (1), and also shared some new details on the upcoming Ear (2).

The new audio wearable will support LHDC 5.0 (Low Latency HD Audio Codec), meaning any certified hi-res audio will play in its full glory. It is a codec that streams higher quality audio over Bluetooth, and Pei said he contacted Spotify to update their library to LHDC.

Also, the Ear (2) will have an IP54 rating, which is limited ingress protection against dust particles and water splashes.

How does (1) become (2)?

As we approach the launch of Nothing’s first-ever second-generation product, we’re reflecting on the evolution.

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— Nothing (@nothing) March 14, 2023

The Nothing Ear (1) sales in the United States were 1/3 of the total 600,000, and Pei revealed the next Nothing phone is also heading to the North American market. He said it will be “a really big opportunity for the company” in 2023.

The company revealed on Twitter that the team of experts working on the Ear (2) increased by 30% and reached 700 people. Testing of the new wearable was done on over 120 phones and laptops, a 52% increase from the 70 devices used to trial the Ear (1).

The Nothing Ear (2) is scheduled to arrive on March 22, and the launch is going to be live-streamed so everyone interested can follow it.


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Nothing Ear (2) confirmed to feature LHDC Audio 5.0 and IP54 rating

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Nothing Ear (2) confirmed to feature LHDC Audio 5.0 and IP54 rating

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