CMF Buds Pro 2

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What you need to know

  • CMF by Nothing brings Buds Pro 2 with a new Smart Dial case.
  • The new buds are equipped with dual drivers, including an 11mm bass driver and a 6mm tweeter.
  • The Smart Dial case brings a bunch of new features alongside a 460mAh battery capacity.

Nothing’s sub-brand is back with its second generation of earbuds, the CMS Buds Pro 2. The company launched this pair of earbuds next to its brand new CMF Phone 1 and Watch Pro 2. These all aim to disrupt the entry-level segment in the industry. Nothing is launching these products in the U.S., U.K., India, and the European region.

The second generation Buds Pro come in an interesting new blue color alongside the orange, dark grey (read black), and light grey, as seen in the first generation. Interestingly, last year’s regular CMF Buds came with a charging case featuring a Smart Dial, not the Pro variant. This time around, the Buds Pro 2 come with a charging case with a Smart Dial next to accompanying color options and with a pocket-friendly design.

CMF Buds Pro 2

(Image credit: CMF)

Users can rotate the Smart Dial for volume control, and additional options with customizable functions are available, such as the ability to switch noise cancellation modes, play and pause, or skip tracks. 

Besides, it triggers VoiceAssistant, answers or cuts calls, mutes the microphone and turns Low Lag Mode on and off. To avoid accidental presses, the user can permanently turn off the Smart Dial. All these settings can be managed through the Nothing X app.

For internals, the Buds Pro 2 are powered by dual driver system comprising a 11mm bass driver and a 6mm tweeter. The new buds support hybrid active noise cancellation alongside transparency mode and have Hi-Res audio certification and spatial audio effect. Users can further adjust bass performance on the accompanying Nothing X app. 

The Buds Pro 2 also promises crystal-clear calls, as each Bud incorporates three microphones and is aided by Nothing’s Clear Voice Technology 2.0.

CMF Buds Pro 2

(Image credit: CMF)

Keeping the power on these buds is a 60mAh battery on each bud, and the case includes a 460mAh battery pack. The Buds Pro 2 comes with the following battery promises:

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Talk time with ANC off: 25 hours with case and 6 hours with buds only

Talk time with ANC on (including Transparency Mode): 18.6 hours with

case and 4.8 hours with buds only


Playback with ANC off: up to 43 hours with case and up to 11 hours with buds only

Playback with ANC on / Transparency Mode: up to 26 hours with case and up to

6.5 hours with buds only


Playback with ANC off: up to 25 hours with case and up to 6.5 hours with buds only

Playback with ANC on / Transparency Mode: up to 16.6 hours with case and up to

4.3 hours with buds only

CMF Buds Pro 2

(Image credit: CMF)

The new set of buds also supports fast charging, involving a quick ten-minute charge that can give buds three hours of battery life, up to seven hours with the case included, and this is with ANC turned off. When enabled, they are promised to give 1.8 hours and six hours, respectively. 

The Buds Pro 2, set to challenge entry-level earbuds, will be available later this month from the website and other retail partners. They cost $59, and £59, in the U.S. and the U.K.

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