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  • MediaTek will reportedly work with NVIDIA on a future smartphone processor.
  • We could apparently see a MediaTek chipset with a GeForce GPU as soon as 2024.
  • This could potentially deliver a major graphical and AI boost.

MediaTek has long relied on chip kingpin Arm for its CPU and GPU needs, but it sounds like the Taiwanese chipmaker could soon turn to a graphics giant for future mobile processors.

Digitimes reports (h/t: WinFuture) that MediaTek could use an NVIDIA GeForce GPU in its next-generation flagship processor for smartphones, citing “industry sources.” It’s believed that this processor could debut as soon as 2024.

The outlet’s sources also assert that MediaTek and NVIDIA will work together to develop Windows on Arm “platform products” for laptops. This suggests we could finally see an alternative to Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets in the Windows on Arm space. In fact, the sources claim that these new computing products will help boost MediaTek’s presence in the mid-range and premium segments.

What could a MediaTek/NVIDIA SoC look like?

NVIDIA’s GeForce GPUs stand out as class leaders in the PC space, bringing beastly graphics performance, great machine learning prowess, and more. So it stands to reason that a future MediaTek chipset powered by a GeForce GPU could deliver in this regard as well. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this future chipset gains tentpole NVIDIA features like DLSS (AI-based resolution upscaling), hardware-based ray tracing, and support for AI effects like virtual backgrounds and noise removal.

NVIDIA also demonstrated a long commitment to frequent system updates and driver patches with the Shield TV series of streaming boxes. So it’s theoretically possible that we see the same perks from a future GeForce-powered smartphone processor.

Would you buy a MediaTek-powered phone with a GeForce GPU?

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In saying so, the Samsung Exynos 2200 shows that teaming up with a PC GPU maker isn’t a straightforward slam-dunk. Our own testing showed that while the AMD-powered Exynos 2200 delivered superior ray tracing performance to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, it lagged behind the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in classic GPU benchmarks. The chipset also displayed poor sustained performance in GPU stress testing. So we hope MediaTek takes lessons from Samsung if it is indeed teaming up with NVIDIA.

Nevertheless, a MediaTek flagship processor with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU sounds like a fascinating prospect and could potentially take the fight to Qualcomm. But the Snapdragon maker is also working on its own secret weapon in the form of custom Oryon CPUs. So it sounds like 2024 could be a landmark year for smartphone silicon.

We’ve asked MediaTek for comment regarding this story and will update the article if/when it gets back to us.

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NVIDIA could bring GeForce graphics to smartphone chipsets

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