OnePlus just launched a new Watch 2 in China with LTE and tweaked design

OnePlus made up for its terrible first smartwatch with the launch of OnePlus Watch 2 earlier this year and, already, the smartwatch is getting a hardware update that brings LTE and a new design.

Launched in China today, this new version of the OnePlus Watch 2 is, at its core, very similar to the existing model. It runs atop Wear OS, has the same Snapdragon W5 processor and dual-chip architecture, and has the same massive 500 mAh battery.

So what’s actually new?

That starts with the design. The OnePlus Watch 2 being launched in China has a tweaked design that ditches the asymetrical buttons on the side of the previous model, instead having more traditional buttons jutting out of the side. There’s also a ring around the screen that has numbers on it.

This new model also has eSIM and LTE support, something that was lacking from the first model.

But, that’s about it. There are also some different band options but, all in all, this is a very similar smartwatch.

OnePlus is launching this new version of its smartwatch in China only (for now) at a price of ¥1799. That converts to just under $250 USD, which is $50 less than the OnePlus Watch 2 currently sells for.

There have been rumblings about this watch being called the “OnePlus Watch 2R” in the rest of the world, which suggests a more affordable price as well. However, we’ve not quite sure when that will actually happen.

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