Just yesterday, OnePlus confirmed that it’s launching the Nord 4 at an event in Milan, Italy on July 16. So far, thanks to myriad leaks, we’ve been operating under the impression that it would be nothing but a rebranded OnePlus Ace 3V, a phone which recently debuted for the Chinese market.

Now it turns out that’s not the case – while the innards could well be similar, the Nord 4 looks nothing like the Ace 3V. Not one, not two, but three separate leaks over the 20 hours or so have made this point abundantly clear.

OnePlus Nord 4 images leak left and right showcasing mostly metal back

If you remember OnePlus’ metal invite card for the launch event and its strong hints at a metal build, you’ll instantly understand what you see here. The handset has a mostly metal back, with only the top part being glass. The first leaked image, above, shows us the handset in three colorways, which we assume are all of the ones launching, since OnePlus barely if ever goes above three.

If you want an even closer look at the back, here are two different live images portraying the phone’s rear in its black livery.

OnePlus Nord 4 images leak left and right showcasing mostly metal back

It’s definitely a very unique look, and not one that can be seen these days on any other phone. So if the goal was to make the Nord 4 stand out, that’s easily been achieved with this design. On the other hand, it also looks like no other OnePlus phone ever, and we’re not sure that’s a great thing for brand recognition.

OnePlus Nord 4 images leak left and right showcasing mostly metal back

Anyway, the Nord 4 has been rumored to sport the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 chipset, which should make it a very solid upper-midrange performer – that chip is one very small step below the Snapdragon 8 series, and we assume the Nord 4 will get some pretty enticing pricing to go with it.

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