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The OnePlus Open launched yesterday and is now available for pre-order, and as with any other modern smartphone launch, that means trade-in offers. Some of OnePlus’ deals are really good, but others are quite bad. Let’s break it down.

OnePlus Open is a $1,699 book-style foldable that, based on our first impressions, is absolutely stellar. Great hardware, a fantastic hinge and display, and a shockingly great camera all add up to a compelling device. But, as with any foldable, that price is still a high barrier of entry to anyone actually tempted to make the purchase.

To help, OnePlus has one deal that will be available for the entire lifecycle of the device.

For as long as the OnePlus Open is available for purchase, will offer the device with a $200 minimum trade-in value. Whether it’s a decade old or absolutely destroyed, OnePlus will give you at least $200 for any smartphone you want to trade in. This offer is only available via, but it’s a solid option to bring the price down to $1,499.

Beyond that, some devices are worth considerably more when you trade them in. The best example here is the $699 OnePlus 11, which OnePlus is offering $810 for if you trade it in (though only for the 256GB model). OnePlus is also offering high values for Samsung phones, with up to $800 for Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The highest value is, as expected, for iPhones, with up to $1,320 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max trade-in.
OnePlus 11 $810
OnePlus 10T $500
OnePlus 10 Pro $500
OnePlus 9 Pro $500
OnePlus 9 $100
Galaxy Z Fold 4 $800
Galaxy S23 Ultra $800
Galaxy Z Flip 4 $500
Galaxy Z Fold 3 $500
Pixel 7 Pro $280
Pixel 7 $160 (inflated to $200 automatically)
Pixel 6 Pro $130 (inflated to $200 automatically)
iPhone 14 Pro Max $1,320
iPhone 13 Pro Max $1,050

Your results will absolutely vary, but some of these deals are stellar and an easy way to get OnePlus’ new foldable for a good price.

The OnePlus Open starts shipping later this month.

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