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Since its debut over the summer, Google has put a lot of weight behind marketing the Pixel Fold as “the thinnest foldable of all.” The upcoming OnePlus Open, though, may crush that campaign, as it is said to be thinner.

A leak from @MysteryLupin on Twitter/X (the same source responsible for a bunch of Pixel 8 leaks) shows off a few more images of the upcoming OnePlus Open, as well as confirming many of its specs: 67W charging, 512GB of storage, 16GB of RAM, OxygenOS 13, and a $1,699 price tag.

But also mentioned is the line “Thinnest foldable available in [North America].”

Presumably, that’s a claim that OnePlus will make with the launch of the OnePlus Open next week. It’s not a spec we know at this time, as dimensions have yet to surface, but if true, it’s a claim that would absolutely crush a central point of Google’s market for Pixel Fold, as Google repeatedly calls the Fold “the thinnest foldable of all” with the footnote that the claim only applies “among foldable phones in markets where Pixel Fold is sold.”

Thanks to its 5.8mm thickness when unfolded (12.1mm when folded), the Google Pixel Fold does indeed earn the crown for being the thinnest foldable in a lot of markets. It’s not the single thinnest foldable out there – the Honor Magic V2 currently holds that title – but it’s thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 that it primarily competes against (6.1mm unfolded, 13.4mm folded).

The OnePlus Open might not feel as if it’s that thin, however; early looks at the device suggest its rear camera module will be absolutely massive.

OnePlus Open:
Voyager Black, Emerald Dusk
512 GB, 16 GB
CMOS image sensor with OIS,
Periscope tele with 6X optical zoom + OIS
UW lens, video in Dolby Vision
67W charging + largest battery in a foldable
Run up to 3 apps in tandem
“Thinnest foldable available in NA”

— Arsène Lupin (@MysteryLupin) October 12, 2023

An October 19 launch date has been confirmed for the OnePlus Open, putting its launch exactly a week away.

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OnePlus Open might destroy Google’s Pixel Fold marketing campaign by being thinner

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