OnePlus seems to be testing several generative AI-powered tools


  • OnePlus is surveying users in North America, Europe, and India to ask about the usefulness of new generative AI tools.
  • The AI solutions include a video creation app, an education app, a caption generator, and more.
  • OnePlus’ research arm has also posted descriptions and screenshots of these new generative AI tools in the survey.

Generative AI is definitely one of the biggest buzzwords in the tech industry right now, and it looks like OnePlus wants to jump on the bandwagon.

The company’s research arm, OneLab, is looking into some new generative AI features and surveying users from North America, Europe, and India to ask about the usefulness of the features.

“OneLab has been looking into how to make the most of this technology and has come up with some ideas. They’re excited to hear your thoughts on these ideas and figure out which ones could be really helpful,” the company writes in a community post introducing the survey.

OnePlus is mulling several generative AI-based solutions, including an AI video creation app that uses text and other prompts to generate short videos, an education app, an AI-based caption generator for social media posts, and some AI extensions.

The OnePlus survey includes detailed descriptions and screenshots of most of these new generative AI tools, which makes us think at least one of them might show up on OnePlus phones in the future. Take a look.

Below is a list of all the new generative AI features OnePlus talks about in its survey:

  • Short video creator: A short video creator app powered by generative AI technology. It can automatically generate short videos based on text prompts, images, or videos that users provide.
  • Fact Checker: This is a browser extension that can check if the content from selected sentences on a webpage states a fact or a rumor. It can also check if a selected image on a webpage is generated by AI.
  • Personalized Education app: This is a personalized education app powered by generative AI. The system will assess the proficiency level of each subject and customize the course content based on both the learner’s skill and their motivation.
  • Autofill Extension for Job Hunting: The GenAI Powered Job Hunting Assistant Web Extension streamlines your job search process. Upload documents or link websites to automatically create your profile, autofill forms, and tailor your resume and skills to match job descriptions. It also offers interview preparation, generating answers based on personal experience, and allows you to practice mock interviews with the Assistant.
  • Learn More Extension: The Learn More Extension is an AI-powered Chrome extension enabling you to search terms within webpages or your personal library, providing AI-generated summaries.
  • Caption Generator for Content Creator: Utilize Generative AI to craft one-of-a-kind stories, enabling users to generate narratives with varying tones tailored to their chosen photos while conveniently editing and organizing all content seamlessly in a single location.

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