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  • Opera is testing out a new browser AI called Aria.
  • Aria is a free service that’s capable of providing up-to-date information from across the web.
  • Aria is currently available for the developer version of Opera One and Opera for Android.

With Microsoft and Google powering up their browsers with AI, it should come as no surprise that other browsers are following suit. And it appears Opera is the latest company to announce that it’s enhancing its browser with AI.

Today, Opera announced that it’s introducing a free generative AI service that’s natively built into its browser. Known as Aria, the feature sits in Opera’s sidebar, located to the left of the screen. When the icon is clicked, it will bring up a panel that you can interact with similar to how you would with Bing Chat, Google Bard, or ChatGPT.

Aria is reportedly capable of generating text or code and answering queries. And unlike the standard version of ChatGPT, it can bring up live results from the web. It also is said to be an expert on Opera’s entire support database and can answer any questions about Opera.

This isn’t the first time Opera has dabbled with AI tools. Back in February, Opera introduced ChatGPT to the sidebar on its desktop browser, allowing users to summarize web pages and articles. It also featured AI prompts that provided shortcuts to AI tools.

Opera’s browser AI is currently available for both desktop and mobile. However, if you want to try it out, you’ll need to download the developer version of Opera One for desktop. For Android users, you’ll be able to try out Aria in the latest beta version of the browser. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store page and download it. However, Opera points out that users will need to have an Opera account or create one before they can access Aria.

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Opera takes on Edge by adding its own browser AI

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