Here’s what Qualcomm’s latest Sound platforms iterations have to offer in 2023

Snapdragon Summit 2023 Qualcomm Sound S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 Platform

At the Snapdragon Summit held in Hawaii, Qualcomm unveiled the S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound platforms for upcoming audio devices. According to the technology company, these platforms, combined with high-performance hardware, advanced connectivity, and on-device AI, will set the trend for future developments.

“These platforms set a new benchmark for high-performance sound at ultra-low power. They are packed with premium technologies that work together with on-device AI to deliver immersive and personalized audio experiences wherever you go – whether in a meeting, socializing, gaming, listening to music, or just needing some quiet time,” Dino Bekis, vice president and general manager, Wearables and Mixed Signals Solutions, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound platform

According to Qualcomm, the new platforms deliver six times the computing power and nearly 100 times the AI power of the previous generations that made their way to the market. All while consuming lesser power. And while the increased processing is a major factor for this new generation, another significant development is the inclusion of on-device AI.

Qualcomm says this helps it provide a seamless experience to listeners, bringing the ability for audio devices powered by Qualcomm S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound platforms to transition between different types of noise cancellation based on the sounds in a user’s environment. There’s even an improvement to the hardware architecture responsible for Active Noise Cancellation, so you can expect better performance from devices that upgrade to this platform.

While the above cover the main improvements across both platforms, the S7 Pro Gen 1 brings another addition that will improve users’ listening experience if it’s widely adopted.

Features exclusive to the Qualcomm S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound platform

The Qualcomm S7 Pro Gen 1 will feature Qualcomm’s XPAN technology, allowing users to use the Wi-Fi network within their homes or offices to transmit audio, eliminating the range disadvantage posed by currently used Bluetooth technology. The XPAN technology will also ensure you can experience music in high-quality formats (92 kHz which can scale up to 192 kHz).

So, if you’re ever in a scenario where your phone is in one room or on another level in the building, you’ll still be able to hear the audio playing through your device.

Overall, these developments are bound to improve the user experience across the board. But we’d like to add that we can’t wait to see how the XPAN technology develops in the coming years.

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