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Threads launched to much fanfare in July, racking up 100 million signups in less than a week. The microblogging service launched as Twitter users were facing strict rate limits on usage, with Meta hoping to capitalize on the discontent of the Twitter user base — now called ‘X’ — and bring them onto their new text platform, based off the Instagram social graph.

However, usage of Threads has declined significantly in the weeks since the huge launch. One way to reignite growth is to make the service accessible to more users. Right now, Threads is only available on iPhone and Android … but that is about to change.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a website version of Threads will launch this week, making Threads available as a desktop app for the first time. This follows Instagram CEO Adam Mosser’s comments that a Threads web app “is close”.

Threads on web will help increase adoption from users and increase long-term monetisation opportunities. A web app can give Meta more potential for data collection and analytics tracking, compared the more locked down access to user data on mobile. Right now, though, Threads has no advertising at all.

A desktop client will also be welcome news to brands, who want to more easily manage Threads profiles without having to log into company accounts on their personal phones.

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Report: Threads app to launch website version this week – 9to5Mac

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