Roku is expanding its smart home offering by announcing a new and affordable home monitoring system with new devices. Roku Home Monitoring System SE includes all the essential pieces to feel safer at home: two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a wire-free keypad, and a hub with a built-in siren, which can let you monitor your home or subscribe to professional 24/7 monitoring.

“Roku’s new home monitoring system provides peace of mind while being easier than ever to set up, control, and monitor,” said Mark Robins, VP of Roku Smart Home. “We are proud to further extend ROku’s Smart Home lineup with affordable, simple ways to secure the safety of any home.”

These are the Roku Home Monitoring System SE’s new products:

  • Two entry sensors: Get notified on your phone when a door or window is opened, closed, or left open;
  • Motion sensor: Get notified – or automatically turn on a light – when motion is detected. It’s also possible to ignore pets with an adjustable setting so that the light won’t turn on with them.
  • Hub with a built-in siren: Notify the house – and the neighborhood – if an emergency is detected.
  • Keypad: Easily arm and disarm your home, change modes, or manually sound your alarm.
Roku launches affordable home monitoring system and OS updatesImage source: Roku

The kit costs $99, and users can choose to sign up for Professional Monitoring for $9.99/month or $99.99 a year, but those who prefer the early plan get 50% off in their first year.

Roku Smart Home products also include in the profile an advanced Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE that allows users to show up to 16 different colors at once and a Solar Panel that powers the wire-free Roku Outdoor Camera SE.

In addition to these products, Roku is enhancing its OS integration:

  • Monitor home from TV: See an on-TV notification and alarm countdown when your Roku Home Monitoring System SE is armed, and the sensor is triggered.
  • Access your camera event history on your TV: Seamless integration between connected camera and doorbell smart home devices with the Roku Camera app.
  • Control Roku Smart Home devices with your voice: Speak into your Roku remote or mobile app to control lights or smart plugs, show live camera feeds on your Roku-powered TV screen, and more.

The Home Monitoring System SE and additional accessories are available online at Walmart and the company’s website. On May 19, these products will be available in Walmart physical stores, except for the Roku Solar Panel, which will launch in June.

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Roku launches affordable home monitoring system and OS updates

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Roku launches affordable home monitoring system and OS updates

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