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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is probably just a few months away, but we’re still learning new potential rumors daily. The latest rumor — well, pair of rumors — suggests the Galaxy S23 Ultra will get some meaningful display upgrades.

Phone Arena (opens in new tab) reports that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to get the brightest screen of any smartphone on the market. According to Twitter user RGcloudS (opens in new tab), the S23 Ultra display could feature a max brightness of up to 2150 nits, maybe even 2,200 nits. The minimum peak brightness is tipped to be 2,100 nits.

S23u max brightness, up to 2150 nits”Numbers might be different at launch, due to further adjustments Min 2100Max 2200+Pwz dimming still lose against Q9 ( slightly )below 2kNovember 23, 2022

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If the Galaxy S23 Ultra manages to hit any of these numbers, it represents a leap forward for the Android smartphone. A handset with a minimum peak brightness of 2,100 nits would be significantly brighter than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which tops out at 1,750 nits. It would also leap over the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which tops out at 2,000 nits peak brightness.  

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra display: Upgraded fingerprint sensor 

Fingerprint reader on an Android phone.

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A brighter screen isn’t all the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra display is rumored to get. Another rumor (opens in new tab) from RGcloudS, this time reported on by SamMobile (opens in new tab), suggests that the new Samsung phone will get upgraded to the latest Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader. The reader has a footprint 17 times larger than the current in-display fingerprint readers used by Samsung. It can even allow for scanning two fingerprints at once for added security. It’s rumored to be coming to the entire Galaxy S23 lineup as well — not just the S23 Ultra.

Granted, we’ve been hoping for this feature for a while now. This isn’t the first phone tipped to get the 3D Sonic Max. Hopefully, our dreams are realized this time, but given that RGcloudS says specs won’t even be finalized until early December 2022, we’re not betting on it just yet. Instead, we’ll let it be a pleasant surprise if it comes to fruition.

Another pleasant surprise we could get is the ability to contact emergency services via satellite. We wrote about Samsung copying the iPhone 14 feature the other day, and it’s a major win for Samsung users if it ends up on the final version of the phone.

Make sure to follow along for all the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra coverage to see what other new features could be coming to Samsung’s next flagship lineup. And if you can’t wait for a new phone, make sure to check out our Black Friday deals coverage so you can get one at a discount now. 

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra just tipped for brightest display ever

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra just tipped for brightest display ever

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra just tipped for brightest display everSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra just tipped for brightest display ever

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