Spotify has a hidden feature for making music louder — here’s how to enable it

Spotify has a hidden feature for making music louder — here’s how to enable it

July 21, 2022 0 By Jumoka Cobbs

I’ve often wondered how to make Spotify louder. As a regular train commuter, I know first hand that the podcast which seemed loud enough in the office can often seem comparatively quiet when on a noisy train, even when using a pair of the best wireless headphones.

There are also times when songs themselves are a bit quieter than the rest of your library, perhaps due to age, mastering, or both. And if you’re playing your Spotify music through speakers, you may well find that the maximum volume available via your phone, laptop or the speakers just isn’t loud enough to satisfy the demands of the party.

Thankfully, there’s a super easy way to make Spotify louder, and it can be done on both the smartphone and desktop apps.

If you’re looking to crank that tune up, here’s how to make Spotify louder.

But first, a word of caution: if you’re using headphones, remember that loud noise can damage your hearing over the long term if you’re exposed to it regularly. Use this method sensibly and cautiously if intending to up the headphone volume of already loud music.

How to make Spotify louder on iOS and Android

1. In the Spotify app, tap the settings cog, top right.

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2. Tap Playback.

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3. Underneath Volume level, tap Loud.

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How to make Spotify louder on desktop

1. In the Spotify app, click the three dots, top left. Hover over Edit, then click Preferences.

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2. In the Audio quality section, find Volume level, then click the dropdown and select Loud.

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And there you have it — you now know how to make Spotify louder. If you’d like to learn how to tailor Spotify to each and every song, make sure you now read about how to use the Spotify equalizer. If you fancy a singalong then check out how to use Spotify karaoke mode. And if you’d like to take those songs offline, then read about how to download songs from Spotify.

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