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  • Spotify has announced the launch of an AI playlists feature, allowing you to make playlists with a prompt.
  • The feature is in beta right now and is only available to Premium users in Australia and the UK.

Generative AI is everywhere these days, from smartphones and computers to web browsers and more. Spotify joined the party a while back with an AI DJ feature, but it’s now upping the ante with the beta launch of AI playlists.

The company announced AI playlists for Spotify Premium users yesterday (April 7), allowing you to create playlists via a prompt. Spotify also shared a few examples of prompts, including “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season” and “a playlist that makes me feel like the main character.”

Spotify AI playlists

The streaming music platform noted that prompts can consist of places, animals, activities, colors, emojis, and movie characters. It added that the best prompts combine moods, artists, genres, and decades, although you can refine these playlists with follow-up prompts. Spotify also said that it has “measures in place” regarding offensive prompts.

Don’t expect a wide launch just yet, as Spotify confirmed that AI playlists are only available to Premium users in Australia and the UK for now. We nevertheless hope it spreads to more markets sooner rather than later.

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