Spotify has revealed the biggest change yet for its mobile app.

Today, the company hosted its Stream On event. At the event, Spotify announced that it was redesigning its mobile app. The update to the app introduces a new home screen where users can experience quick previews of music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The company is also introducing a new “Smart Shuffle” button, new discovery features in search, and autoplay for podcasts. You can check out all of the changes coming to the app below:

  • Music, Podcasts & Shows, and Audiobook previews on Home: Simply tap into the Music, Podcasts & Shows, or Audiobooks feed to explore visual and audio previews of playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks personalized to you. Then, tap to save or share, go deeper into the artist or podcast pages, play from the start, or continue listening from where the preview ended.
  • New feeds for discovery in Search: Scroll up or down to explore short Canvas clips from tracks from some of your favorite genres. Then easily save the song to a playlist, follow the artist, or share it with friends—all from one place. You can also explore related genres using the hashtags within the feed for easy discovery of new favorites. You can even preview tracks on some of your favorite playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, New Music Friday, and RapCaviar
  • Smart Shuffle: This new experience keeps listening sessions fresh with personalized recommendations that perfectly match the vibe of an original user-generated playlist. It breathes new life into carefully curated user-generated playlists, shuffling tracks and adding new, perfectly tailored suggestions.
  • Autoplay for Podcasts: Just like with music, we’re now serving Autoplay for Podcasts. When a podcast ends, another relevant episode that fits your taste will automatically play. 

If you want to get a quick peak of how the redesigned Spotify is going to work, check out a quick demo of the new experience that was showed off at the company’s Stream On event:

At the event, Gustav Söderström, the company’s Co-President and Chief Product & Technology Officer, said that “the world today pulls us in a million different directions…So the most important thing we, at Spotify, can do for creators is to reduce the distance between their art and the people who love it . . . or who would love it as soon as they discovered it.”

The announcement comes within a couple of weeks of Spotify removing the long-standing heart icon and adding an AI DJ to the app.

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Spotify reveals major redesign to its mobile app

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Spotify reveals major redesign to its mobile app

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Spotify reveals major redesign to its mobile appSpotify reveals major redesign to its mobile app

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