T-Mobile has denied claims of any data breach of its systems, which allegedly took place earlier this month. As per a report by Beeping Computer, T-Mobile made a statement that its systems weren’t compromised and no source code was stolen. A threat actor who goes by the name IntelBroker claimed to have hacked T-Mobile servers this month. T-Mobile has denied the claimed breach and says its customer data is safe.

The telecom operator told Beeping Computer that its systems weren’t hacked in the alleged breach earlier this month. Besides, the company is already actively investigating a claim of a data breach at a third-party service provider. The carrier says that any claims of selling source code or customer data by the bad actor are false.

The statement comes after the threat actor IntelBroker claimed to have breached T-Mobile this month

T-Mobile released the statement after IntelBroker claimed to have breached the company’s servers in June 2024.  Linked to several breaches at various major tech companies in the past, IntelBroker is a well-known threat actor. To prove the T-Mobile data breach is authentic, the bad actor posted various screenshots.

The screenshots showed that the breacher had access to a T-Mobile Confluence server with administrative privileges. Furthermore, they show access to the telco’s internal Slack channels for developers. IntelBroker says that the T-Mobile data he is selling includes “Source code, SQL files, Images, Terraform data, certifications, and Siloprograms”.

Beeping Computer was told by a source that the data being sold by the breacher “is actually older screenshots of T-Mobile’s infrastructure posted to a third-party vendor’s servers, where it was stolen”. The company’s statement mentions that it is already actively investigating claims of breaches at a third-party service provider.

Notably, T-Mobile has dealt with multiple cybersecurity issues in the past few years. One of the biggest breaches the company faced took place in January 2023. At the time, the perpetrators stole the personal data of 37 million T-Mobile users.

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