TAG Heuer is sending an email out to customers, informing them of a “malicious attack” on its network, with the attacker(s) gaining access to files that contain a limited amount of customer data. Most importantly, TAG says no financial information was exposed.

As for what was exposed, TAG says personal data such as first and last name, gender, country, and email addresses were affected.

The affected file contains the following categories of personal data: first name, last name, gender, country, and email address. Our current investigations lead us to believe that no other personal data have been compromised. More importantly, we want to reassure you that no payment card information or other financial account information were exposed, noting that we do not even store such information on our servers.

As a safety measure, TAG is requiring all account holders to reset their password. For anyone who has purchased a TAG product, including one of its Wear OS-powered devices, check your inbox for the entire email.

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TAG Heuer Details Malicious Attack, No Customer Financial Data Exposed

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