The Model S Plaid is already an insanely fast car, but apparently, 175 miles per hour isn’t enough for Tesla.

The company took to Twitter today to tease a new “track package” for the sedan. The video, which shows the Model S Plaid driving on the Circuit Paul Ricard in France, teases the car reaching speeds of 322 kilometers per hour. That translates to a top speed of 200 miles per hour, a truly insane speed for a car you can also drive to the grocery store.

In the video, the speed that the car is going appears to be continuing to climb — even over the 322 kilometers per hour point — the video just cuts off at 322 kilometers per hour. According to Tesla’s website, “soon” for the track package means June 2023. Check it out for yourself:

Tesla says that the track package comes with “aluminum forged wheels, track-ready tires and brake fluid, new carbon-silicon carbide rotors, and one-piece forged calipers with high-performance pads.”

Our rotors feature continuous-fiber technology and are constructed in a unique 3D matrix to add strength and manage heat more effectively. For additional durability, a ceramic friction layer covers the entire rotor surface to reduce brake dust, corrosion and wear while also improving pedal feel for daily driving.

The announcement comes about a week after the company changed up its configuration for the Model S and Model Y. If you start configuring an order for either vehicle, you’ll now have the option to choose the type of steering wheel you want. While the standard steering wheel is included, the company is now charging a $250 premium for the yoke steering wheel.

Speaking of fast cars, the first official trailer for Gran Turismo premiered this week. Despite being adopted from a video game franchise, the film seems keen on making fun of gamers the entire trailer.

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Tesla teases Model S Plaid ‘track package’ that sends the car to 200 miles per hour

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