With the introduction of the Mate 60 series Huawei resumed the manufacture of 5G-capable HiSilicon Kirin chipsets for use in its smartphones. Now it seems that the company plans to swap another chip with an in-house design, the image sensor.

Huawei has long been using Sony sensors in its phones, a peculiar design with two yellow sub-pixels instead of two greens. However, leakster Fixed Focus Digital reports that Sony and Huawei have not renewed their contract – and that Huawei doesn’t have any more Sony sensors in its inventory.

This fuels the speculation that the upcoming Huawei P70 series will use Huawei-designed sensors. The company recently had to replace another part of its camera system – after the partnership with Leica ended, Huawei introduced XMAGE platform including a bespoke NPU.

The Huawei P70 will reportedly use an in-house image sensor for its cameras

Huawei is also reportedly working on a new optical fingerprint reader for the P70 series. Of course, the company has not officially confirmed any of that, but we expect these in-house designs will be a big part of its presentation when the time comes – which should be in early next year.

Not by choice, Huawei has had to build its own alternatives to components that it previously imported. By the sound of it, the P70 series will take that to the next level.

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