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The OnePlus 13 could brave wet weather better than its predecessor


  • The OnePlus 13 is rumored to pack significant camera upgrades with a 2K micro-curved screen and 100W charging.
  • Leaks suggests three 50MP camera sensors with Sony’s Lytia sensors and a potential IP69 rating.
  • OnePlus 13 may use an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner for improved security.

The OnePlus 12 is among the most underrated flagship phones to launch this year. It packs a big, bright screen, delivers great performance, and offers all the battery life with superfast wired and wireless charging support. While its camera performance was a step up from its predecessor, the OnePlus 12 still trails its competition in this area. Rumors surrounding the OnePlus 13 indicate this might not be the case next year, with the BBK-owned company planning significant imaging upgrades. A new leak sheds more light on the OnePlus 13’s cameras and other specs.

OnePlus 12 showing the back in a hand with light panels behind it


Should you buy the OnePlus 12, or wait for the OnePlus 13?

You probably shouldn’t wait for the next generation, unless you have to

Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station claims (via Weibo) that the OnePlus 13 will sport a 2K micro-curved screen with a large battery supporting 100W wired and fast wireless charging. More importantly, he says OnePlus’ next flagship phone will sport three 50MP camera sensors, including a 3x periscope shooter. All of them will carry the Hasselblad branding and filters as well.

In a post on X, leaker Yogesh Brar shared more details about the OnePlus 13’s potential camera setup. He says the company will go all in with Sony’s Lytia sensors for its next flagship phone. The primary 50MP shooter will use the LYT-808 sensor — the same as the OnePlus 12, while the ultrawide and 3x telephoto will switch to Sony’s 50MP LYT-600 sensors.

It’s unclear if the primary shooter will get a wider aperture or better lens or retain the same specifications as the OnePlus 12. Still, the other two cameras will purportedly get a nice spec bump, allowing them to capture more detailed photos.

OnePlus 13 might sport an IP69 rating

Based on the leak, another notable upgrade on the OnePlus 13 could be its IP68/69 rating. The best Android phones carry an IP68 certification, so OnePlus could finally trump its competition in an area where it has lagged them for years. For comparison, the OnePlus 12 has an IP65 rating.

IP68 certification on smartphones ensures no dust ingress and liquid ingress protection when submerged in fresh water at up to 1-1.5m depth for up to 30 minutes. An IP69 rating will protect the device against high-pressure spray-downs.

The leak further suggests that the OnePlus 13 might use an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. Compared to the OnePlus 12’s optical sensor, an ultrasonic scanner should be faster, safer, and more reliable.

OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 12 in mid-December last year. Unless the company runs into some last-minute issues, the OnePlus 13 should launch around the same time, if not earlier.

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