Eazeye Radiant portable monitor in a sunny room.

(Image credit: Eazeye)

As someone who constantly forgets to power down one of the best gaming PCs when I clock off after my shift, I really should start being more conscious over my electricity usage. That’s why a new eco-friendly touchscreen monitor — that’s being touted as the first of its type — has piqued my interest. 

The Eazeye Radiant is the world’s first “Transflective LCD monitor”. Its Indiegogo campaign is just about to end and it has comfortably smashed its funding goals; meaning this portable 15.6-inch display with a 60Hz refresh rate should become a finalized product that will go on general sale in the not-too-distant future. 

The main selling points of the Radiant? The 10 point touchscreen uses full-spectrum LEDs to reduce blue light by up to 60% compared to your average LCD panel. For those of you out there who regularly suffer from eye strain, this monitor should be considerably kinder on your corneas, especially in low light conditions. 

Also, because the Eazeye doesn’t use a traditional backlight, its transflective display color filter means it should appear brighter outdoors on a sunny day than your average laptop or tablet. As much as I love my new iPad Pro 2024 and its glorious Tandem OLED screen, the one time I’ve used it in my back garden on a rare bright Scottish day, I could barely make out what was going on in the moodily lit scenes of Netflix’s tense and terrific thriller, Baby Reindeer

Powering down

Eazeye Radiant portable monitor being used on a table outdoors.

(Image credit: Eazeye)

Louis Huang, the main developer behind the Radiant, also states it’s a lot more eco-conscious than the vast majority of monitors on the market, as it uses 70% less power than a traditional display. And yes, I do feel guilty typing this up on my colossal Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 gaming monitor, which is currently whacked up to 100% brightness.

Speaking of gaming, the fact the Radiant supports screen mirroring thanks to its mini-HDMI socket and with just 5ms of latency, it could pair pretty nicely with either the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck if you have your handheld in a dock.

As an obsessive enthusiast of display technology, and someone who’s had good experiences with a portable monitor in the past — hoo-boy do I love my Asus ZenScreen — the Radiant’s unique features have this screen geek intrigued.

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