How much does it cost to make a smartphone? This isn’t really information the public is privy to for a variety of reasons. We have seen speculation when it comes to cost based on how much components cost, but it probably does take into account the fact that different companies might get different prices depending how many components they order, discounts, and so on.

That being said, in a refreshing moment of candor, Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei revealed on video that the Nothing Phone (1) costs about $360 to build. Given that the phone itself costs around $450, you would think that being able to get a $90 profit is actually a good thing, but as it turns out Nothing makes almost nothing from the phone.

According to Pei, taking into account other additional costs like logistics, money paid to channel partners like carriers or Amazon, Nothing actually does not make any money from the Nothing Phone (1). Pei seems to be okay with that though, stating that they are a new company and this is their entry into the market.

He also revealed that to date, the Nothing Phone (1) has shipped about half a million units, which is actually quite impressive and encouraging given that the phone was launched just this year and that they are a brand new company.

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This is how much the Nothing Phone (1) costs to build

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This is how much the Nothing Phone (1) costs to build

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This is how much the Nothing Phone (1) costs to build

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