A Xiaomi Mi Band 7 displays its watch face.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Xiaomi Mi Band 7


  • Images of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 have appeared online via a Korean regulator.
  • The pictures show a device that looks similar to the Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band series of fitness trackers constantly ranks among the most popular trackers around, bringing plenty of features and a very competitive price tag. The Mi Band 7 (seen above) launched in mid-2022, and it looks like we’ve got our first look at its sequel.

The Go Android spotted a Korean regulatory filing for the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 (or Mi Band 8), and the filing also dishes out a couple of images. Check them out below.

These pictures show a fitness tracker that doesn’t seem too different compared to its predecessor, featuring that pill-shaped housing. In saying so, it looks like the default Mi Band 8 straps don’t wrap around the housing to form one strap, as we saw with the Mi Band 7.

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There’s not much else to glean from the new tracker in this listing. There’s confirmation of a 3.87 volt battery and Bluetooth 5.1, but that’s about it. It’s worth noting that the Mi Band 7 shipped with Bluetooth 5.2, so Bluetooth 5.1 seems like a slight downgrade on paper.

We’re guessing that the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 will be announced in mid-2023. It also stands to reason that it will offer Mi Band 7 health/fitness features like heart-rate tracking, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, tracking for over 100 sports, period monitoring, and more. Pricing is the big unknown though, so we’re curious to see whether Xiaomi will be able to match the Mi Band 7’s ~$60 global pricing.

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This is our first (unofficial) look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 8

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This is our first (unofficial) look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 8

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This is our first (unofficial) look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 8

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