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Meta’s Threads is rolling out the much-needed ability to easily switch between accounts while evidence suggests that an edit button could also be coming soon.

Announced by Threads directly last night, both the Android and iOS apps are rolling out support for an account switcher. This works like it does for Instagram, with a long-press on the profile picture letting you switch between multiple accounts that are signed in.

The feature, which is useful for those who manage accounts for work or brands alongside having a personal account, appears to be widely available at this point to all users. As 9to5Mac points out, there’s no word on whether or not there’s a limit to how many accounts can be signed in at once. Instagram supports up to five accounts.

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Meanwhile, another feature apparently coming to Threads soon is an edit button.

App leaker Alessandro Paluzzi posted, with a hint of irony on Twitter/X, a screenshot showing an edit button for Threads. However, the button comes with a time limit of five minutes, meaning users only have a very limited window to edit posts once they’ve gone up. Twitter/X, notably, allows for up to 30 minutes to edit a post, but that functionality is locked behind a paywall.

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