Threads for web this week | App on iPhone, next to Mac keyboard

The WSJ yesterday reported that a version of Threads for web would launch this week, and this has now been confirmed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In a post whose humor is matched only by the quality of the photography, Zuckerberg said that the web version would roll out over the next few days …

Threads launch

Threads launched the first week in July, as an iOS and Android app, after Meta accelerated the timetable to take advantage of the rate-limiting chaos on Twitter/X.

The website initially pointed only to a countdown timer and link to the apps, but later became a read-only feed. Getting full access to the social network – including the ability to post, share, or even like a post – required using the app.

The app got off to a storming start, thanks to letting Instagram users skip a registration process, and hit 100M users within just a few days. A series of updates followed, but the web version remained stubbornly limited.

Threads for web

The biggest feature users were requesting was the ability to access Threads on the web.

A month after launch, Zuckerberg reported that Threads for web would be coming “in the next few weeks” after earlier confirmation from Instagram head Adam Mosseri that the company was working on it.

The WSJ yesterday reported that it was coming this week.

Meta plans to launch a web version of microblogging app Threads early this week, the biggest new feature to be introduced on its competitor to Elon Musk’s X.

Zuckerberg has now confirmed this.

Threads for web rolling out this week, confirms Zuckerberg – 9to5Mac

Hope he paid no more than $5 for both his humor consultant and photographer.

Photo: Julio Lopez/Unsplash

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Threads for web rolling out this week, confirms Zuckerberg – 9to5Mac

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