Threads was clearly designed to be a competitor to X (formerly known as Twitter), but the app at launch lacked quite a lot of features that made it feel too basic compared to the competition.

But over time, Meta has made some changes and improvements and in an upcoming update to the app, it looks like Threads is now one step closer to being an X alternative. This is according to a post on Threads by Willian Max in which it was discovered that Threads could soon be getting a trending topics feature.

According to Max, this was originally discovered when a Meta employee posted it on Threads in what should have been a private post, but thankfully he managed to get a screenshot in time.

For those unfamiliar, X’s trending topics is where users can discover posts on topics that are currently trending and being talked about. It could be anything, for example if an event is unfolding in real life, people could be talking about it which could cause it to start trending, making it easier for other users to discover new content.

It is unclear how different Threads’ version could be from X, but from what we can tell, it looks pretty similar so if you’ve used the feature before, then this should be quite a familiar experience when it eventually rolls out to users.

Source: 9to5Mac

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