Threads notifications are no longer terrible – here’s why

Meta’s Threads has been by far the most promising replacement for Twitter, but for me, the biggest downside has been that notifications barely work. Now, though, Threads seems to have fixed the problem, at least on Android.

Since launch, Threads has supported notifications for activity such as likes and replies, as well as notifications for when an account you follow makes a new post. It’s handy stuff, especially for keeping up with specific accounts.

However, Threads notifications have, since launch, suffered from effectively breaking after one notification was clicked. If you tap on a notification about a new post, for example, a second notification about a reply will no longer work. Instead, tapping the second notification will just bring you back to the same page that the first notification opened. This would stick around until you fully closed the app by swiping it out of recents.

As someone who likes to keep up with a handful of accounts using notifications, it’s been absolutely infuriating to deal with.

Now, though, it’s been fixed. Tapping on one notification from Threads opens it and then tapping a second will open the new page, as it always should have. Effectively, notifications from Threads now result in the expected behavior on Android.

The change appears to have been delivered in recent updates, whether that be app updates or server-side, but I’m currently seeing it across multiple Android devices on app version 306.

Threads also recently added the ability to separate your account from Instagram, as well as adding an edit button and more.

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