TikTok feed reset button

TikTok is out today with an update to its For You feed that allows users to hit the reset button. Whether you’re seeing unwanted content or just want to shake things up, the new feature is starting to roll out now. Meanwhile, President Biden has made a demand that TikTok’s Chinese parent company either sells off its US business or faces a ban.

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Resetting the TikTok For You feed

TikTok announced that the ability to reset the For You feed is coming to all users after running a test in February along with the latest efforts it’s taking regarding repetitive recommendations.

“Today we’re rolling out a new feature that enables people to refresh their For You feed if their recommendations no longer feel relevant. We’re also providing another progress update on our ongoing efforts to guard against repetitive recommendations as we continue to balance goals of enabling self-expression and an enjoyable viewing experience.”

There was previously the ability to use a “not interested” button to help customize the For You feed, but today’s refresh button gives users a fully clean start. Here’s how TikTok describes what it does (and doesn’t):

  • We’ll show you popular videos to launch your new feed
  • The more you interact, the more personalized your feed will be, including your ads (if relevant)
  • Your Following feed, profile, and inbox won’t be affected

Noted by The Verge, while the refresh For You feed button is starting to roll out today, it may take the “coming weeks” for all users around the world to see it appear.

To see if you have it:

  • Tap the profile tab in the bottom right corner
  • Choose the triple line icon in the top right corner
  • Tap Settings and Privacy > Content preferences
  • Refresh your For You feed (if you don’t see it check back later)

Biden admin sends an ultimatum

The latest news when it comes to a potential US TikTok ban is that President Biden’s administration is demanding a sale of parent company ByteDance’s US shares of TikTok or to face a ban.

Reported by CNN, the news comes from TikTok which says Biden’s administration gave the ultimatum which could be a pivotal moment in the situation.

Earlier this month we saw President Biden moving closer and closer to banning TikTok with the introduction of the RESTRICT Act that would give the US Secretary of Commerce the power to “mitigate undue or unacceptable risk” to national security by banning apps associated with foreign adversaries.

We also heard a report from a whistleblower that claims TikTok’s “access controls on US user data are much weaker than the company says.”

Meanwhile, TikTok maintains that it would like the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to “adopt the proposed agreement that we worked with them on for nearly two years.”

And China told CNN that “the United States was ‘unreasonably suppressing’ TikTok and spreading ‘false information’ about data security.”

Catch up on all the recent details in our full coverage:

Update 7:28 am PT: Following the US banning TikTok on government devices back in December, the UK has just done the same effective immediately.

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TikTok rolling out ‘For you’ feed reset button as threat of US ban looms

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TikTok rolling out ‘For you’ feed reset button as threat of US ban looms

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TikTok rolling out ‘For you’ feed reset button as threat of US ban looms

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