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Elon Musk may have rebranded Twitter to X last summer, but one of the more notable contradictions was that URLs remained as That has finally changed today.

X users accessing via the web today have seen URLs redirect to Musk announced the migration on Twi– er, X …

All core systems are now on

The Verge notes that redirects are currently somewhat inconsistent.

That means typing in your browser will now redirect to Elon Musk’s favored domain, or should. At the time of publication, we’re seeing a mix of results depending upon browser choice and whether you’re logged in or not.

It’s not the first time Musk has tried to take a valuable, well-known brand and throw it away in favor of X. Musk first launched a company known as X – complete with URL – back in 1999. That later merged with Peter Thiel’s Confinity to become PayPal, which Musk later tried to rebrand to … X. That move failed, and led to him being ousted from the company.

Reddit users seem unimpressed with the change.

“I’m not ever calling it x.”

“I’ll be sure to tweet that out.”

“That’s good news, Twitter!”

One of the more common comments is that sounds like the name of a NSFW site.

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