EV maker VinFast is partnering with media giant Sony Pictures Entertainment to launch its new in-car streaming service. Launching this summer, VinFast EV buyers will have first access to the new media platform.

VinFast teams up with Sony for in-car streaming

VinFast anticipates a breakthrough sales year after rolling out its first electric models in the US in March.

With the first bunch of VF 8 City Edition models available, Electrek had the chance to try it out at VinFast’s first media drive event last week. You can read all about our experience here.

With the in-car experience becoming a focal point among consumers, VinFast has teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment to launch RIDEVU. Sony’s new media distribution team created the streaming service, allowing VinFast owners to be the first to buy or rent hundreds of hit shows and movies in their new electric cars.

The content can then be streamed through the vehicle’s infotainment system (up to 4K resolution support) with immersive sound through DTS audio.

Sony and VinFast’s in-car streaming service features:

  • Multi-screen integration
  • Timed content recommendations based on trip length
  • Smart network data management for continuous playback
  • Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Linux compatibility
  • Video playback allows up to six different screens to watch independently

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), RIDEVU offers “smarter in-vehicle data management,” according to Sony.

VinFast revealed the news this week, saying the new RIDEVU will be integrated into upcoming electric vehicles this summer and available to delivered vehicles via OTA. Buyers can choose the new streaming service as part of their VinFast Online Premium package.

VinFast VF 8 City Edition (Source: VinFast)

Pete Wood, SVP of digital sales and distribution at SPE, says RIDEVU is designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest in cutting-edge technology, explaining:

The platform enables consumers to stream their favorite content while on the go, creating an elevated in-vehicle entertainment experience that is timed to their journeys and accessible from anywhere. With cars now equipped with the power and connectivity of modern computers, the potential for in-vehicle entertainment and services is virtually limitless.

Wood opened the door to partnerships with other automakers, saying:

As we enter an era of electric and autonomous vehicles, SPE is excited to collaborate with automakers to develop new and innovative consumer services that will transform the entertainment landscape.

Sony’s new in-car streaming service will rival EV pioneer Tesla, who currently offers access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

VinFast expects EV sales to grow by nearly 600% in 2023 to 50,000 as it ramps production and aims to build a global brand.

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VinFast owners will have first access to Sony’s new in-car streaming service

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VinFast owners will have first access to Sony’s new in-car streaming service

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