Vivint Refreshes Their Product Line With Better Cameras And A New Smart Spotlight

Vivint Refreshes Their Product Line With Better Cameras And A New Smart Spotlight

May 9, 2022 0 By Anthony Karcz

Vivint has always been an interesting hybrid of a security company. Rather than just stick a panel on the wall and give you a few sensors and maybe a camera, their approach is to load your home up with smart things that you then subsidize with a security subscription. It’s a nice way to get a fully-integrated smart home in a single shot without having to worry about competing smart ecosystems.

With Vivint, you don’t have to fuss with a separate app for your doorbell and another for your security camera, it’s all in one app and professionally monitored and supported. A few years ago, that was enough. But recently, other companies have released their own, wholly-integrated smart security ecosystems.

So what’s a company to do? Que the training montage.

Vivint has upgraded their products across the line, adding three upgraded cameras and a smart spotlight.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

We’ll get to the specs of the new cameras in a second, but the thing that has me the most excited about their new lineup is something that they all share.

All of Vivint’s new cameras benefit from on-camera encrypted SD cards that store up to 10 days of recordings. It makes them less dependent on strong WiFi signals (which can be tough to maintain on the outside edges of your network). Vivint’s solution to this in the past was to create a separate WiFi network just for the cameras in your home, which can degrade your main network signal because of interference. I’m hoping this new on-camera solution means they can finally ditch the repeater networks for a cleaner experience all-around.

As for the Doorbell Camera in particular, it has a larger light ring (to better attract attention), a louder speaker, and 180-degree horizontal and vertical detection. Yes, your new doorbell camera will be ready to track your drone-delivered package (or just one chucked there by your UPS driver’s skyhook).

The built-in AI will learn over time and more accurately detect when a package is delivered, alerting you and giving you the option of monitoring it (you can also have the camera start tracking packages automatically). Even better, Vivint is working on a soft-upgrade that will let the camera detect when a package is removed from your doorstep as well.

It’s available now for $249.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Being newer, the Outdoor Camera Pro isn’t getting quite as big of an upgrade over the doorbell camera, but it’s still decidedly better than its predecessor. The outdoor camera was already good, but could suffer from distortion when zoomed in. With the new Pro, you get 3X zoom in full HD at 1080p resolution. The regular picture gets an upgrade too, with 4K HDR resolution. Like the Doorbell Camera Pro, it has 10 days of on-camera recording.

The new Outdoor Camera Pro is $399 and available now, but you might want to wait a bit so that you can pair it with Vivint’s all-new product.

Vivint Spotlight Pro

Vivint Spotlight Pro and Outdoor Camera Pro

Made to work with the new Outdoor Camera Pro (sorry Gen 1 owners), the Spotlight Pro adds a major deterrent for your outdoor security system. It uses the advanced detection algorithm of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro to illuminate intruders. Even better, it will follow them as they move around your property. If they stick around too long, it can activate strobe, circle, or wave modes that will make your yard look like something out of a prison break scene.

The nine LEDs can illuminate up to 2000 lumens, so there’s no chance anyone will miss it. What’s nice is that, when the spotlight isn’t in deter mode, it can illuminate softly to light your path when you get home. You can also disable zones on the unit so that you’re not blinding the neighbors by illuminating a zone that shines into their house.

The Spotlight Pro will be available in July for $249 and will require the Outdoor Camera Pro.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro

Anyone who’s had Vivint knows that their indoor cameras are, well, kind of clunky. The barrel-shaped two-way cameras were solid performers but didn’t look like anything you’d want to leave on your counter. That’s changed with the new, smaller, sleeker Indoor Camera Pro.

Even better, the new little square camera is on a hinge so that you can mount it in more places. The two-way communication is still available via a subtle button on the top of the unit. It’s smarter too, with the ability to detect glass breakage and fire or CO2 alarms. It can also detect people and you can set it to monitor specific zones.

The Indoor Camera Pro won’t be out till later this year. It’ll be $199 when it launches.

How To Get It

As you can see, all this new hardware adds up fast, especially if you’re getting multiple devices. A base Vivint system runs $599, then goes up from there depending on what hardware you’d like to include (you can also add a smart thermostat). Monitoring is $19.99 a month and financing is available for the hardware. Vivint also maintains any hardware you buy from them, fixing or replacing it if something goes wrong. I’ve found their security service to be reliable and trustworthy.

They’re also working on extending their home solutions to include smart energy (helping subsidize solar and battery solutions) and insurance. Slowly but surely, Vivint is working to become a one-stop-shop for a better, safer home experience. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go next.

Learn more on the Vivint website.

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