What is Amazon Renewed? Amazon’s refurbished storefront explained

What is Amazon Renewed? Amazon’s refurbished storefront explained

July 29, 2022 0 By Max Freeman-Mills

(Pocket-lint) – If you’ve browsed a lot on Amazon in recent years, you might have spotted at various points that you can buy refurbished products from it, ones that still have a good guarantee that they’ll work nicely and for a long while.

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Amazon Renewed is what it calls this refurbished storefront, and you can often find some really good discounts on products across a range of tech categories, making them more affordable than brand-new versions. Here are all the details.

Devices that Amazon sells through its Renewed service, which you can browse on the storefront here, are not new. Instead, they’ve been refurbished to “work and look like new”, according to Amazon.

They have a guarantee that lasts a year, meaning they’ll work perfectly for at least that length of time, although it’s worth noting that brand new devices often do have longer guarantees than this.

Think of it like buying a “like new” product on a marketplace like eBay, just with a lot more guarantees and Amazon’s stamp of authenticity on it.

Amazon Renewed covers a range of product categories, divided into the following list that will be familiar from its main site:

SmartphonesLaptopsCamerasHome and KitchenDesktop ComputersAudioTabletsVideo GamesWearable TechnologyHome CinemaOffice ProductsAmazon Devices

That means that you can pick up a whole bunch of different types of product through the programme, all with that same one-year guarantee.

You might be wondering if you can trust Amazon Renewed, but the good news is that it’s a pretty good system – you’ll get your devices as they’re described, often for very good prices.

What you have to accept, though, is that the guarantee is only for a year. So, if you want a longer-term guarantee or warranty, you might want to shop full-price or elsewhere.

That guarantee is pretty ironclad, though – if you don’t think the product works as it should, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement at any point.

Finding renewed products on Amazon can be a little hit-and-miss – when you’re searching for a certain thing on the store, you might occasionally see a surprisingly affordable offer, and then notice “(Renewed)” on the end of its name, for example.

If you want to check out renewed deals only, though, you can follow this link to the relevant section on Amazon’s site and view a more limited catalogue of its offers.

More good news about Amazon Renewed is that it actually gets some really good devices through its pages – its used phones, for example, don’t show the very latest flagships but do have iPhones from a couple of years ago at solid prices.

Whether the deals are good is a matter of research – you’ll be well-advised to check out the market and see what the devices in question fetch when new, for example, before you commit to buying one. Similarly, seeing what you can get for a used version that doesn’t have Amazon’s guarantee is worth looking into as well.

Broadly, though, there are some good prices to explore, and Amazon is also fond of slapping really impressive discounts on its own devices like Fire tablets and Alexa speakers.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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