The Xiaomi 15 Pro is getting a considerable battery capacity and charging speed boost, it would seem. Well, at least based on the information shared by Digital Chat Station, one of the industry’s most prolific tipsters.

The Xiaomi 15 Pro to feature a considerably larger battery and faster wireless charging

He went to Weibo to report that the Xiaomi 15 Pro will include a 5,400mAh battery. That’s a huge improvement over the 4,880mAh battery that was included in the Xiaomi 14 Pro.

The Xiaomi 14 Pro offers 120W wired and 50W wireless charging. That in itself is great, needless to say. However, the Xiaomi 15 Pro will improve things in that area too. It is said to offer 100W wired and 100W wireless charging.

While the wired charging will be a tiny bit slower, wireless charging will match it, and be a lot faster than on the Xiaomi 14 Pro. Many would take 100W + 100W charging for wired and wireless charging instead of a 120W + 50W combo, that’s for sure.

The tipster did note that Xiaomi is currently testing 120W + 100W prototype, but that it will likely end up settling for 100W + 100W combo due to thermal concerns.

It remains to be seen if the charger will be included in the box, though

It remains to be seen if Xiaomi will include a charger with the phone, though. In some markets, the all-new Redmi 13 handset ships without a charger. That’s not Xiaomi’s usual practice, as it always includes chargers, so… we’re wondering if things are changing.

What Digital Chat Station also said is that Xiaomi opted for a 5,400mAh battery to keep the phone slimmer and lighter. We don’t see how it will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, but if that’s true, it’s an incredible feat. That will be a silicon-carbon battery, in case that wasn’t clear.

We already knew that the Xiaomi 15 Pro will include three cameras on the back, three 50-megapixel cameras. Xiaomi is allegedly planning to ditch variable aperture, unfortunately.

This handset will launch later this year, alongside the regular Xiaomi 15 model. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 SoC is expected to fuel both of those phones.

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