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  • Xiaomi is reportedly working on a Wear OS 3 smartwatch.
  • The wearable could launch sometime this year.
  • It’s expected to come under the “Xiaomi Watch” range, same as the company’s existing non-Wear OS smartwatches.

Xiaomi recently released the Watch S1 Pro globally. It runs on MIUI Watch OS, like most high-end Xiaomi smartwatches. That might soon change, according to insider information obtained by 9to5Google. The publication has found out that Xiaomi’s “upcoming” smartwatch will run on Google’s Wear OS platform.

Details are scarce at the moment about Xiaomi’s new Wear OS watch, but as per the information, “if the smartwatch is released,” it will run Wear OS 3 — the same software as the Pixel Watch, Samsung’s recent Galaxy Watches, and a handful of other wearables. That means this watch would have access to Google apps and services, unlike current Xiaomi watches.

Xiaomi launched its first Wear OS watch back in 2019. Although the Mi Watch ran on Google’s platform, it was skinned with MIUI for Watch, a custom version of Wear OS. The device didn’t have access to many of Google’s services crucial to the Wear OS platform, including the Google Play Store.

So Xiaomi stepping into the real Wear OS landscape could be an important milestone for the company. For one, none of the top Chinese smartphone brands that also sell smartwatches have a Wear OS 3-powered device yet. Secondly, Xiaomi will finally be able to harness the power of the Play Store and other Google apps to rope in new customers.

As for the release timeline, the insider didn’t give any clarity to 9to5Google. However, the publication expects a 2023 launch. The informer did say that such a device would come under the “Xiaomi Watch” branding, same as the existing range of Xiaomi’s non-Wear OS.

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Xiaomi could soon launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch

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Xiaomi could soon launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch

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Xiaomi could soon launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatchXiaomi could soon launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch

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