Xiaomi will launch Mix Fold 4 and Mix Flip foldables this month, revealed Lei Jun. The founder and CEO of the company announced online that the phones will be the first devices to come out of the new Xiaomi Smart Factory in Changping, Beijing.

Xiaomi to launch Mix Fold 4, Mix Flip ''this month''

The facility is 81,000 sq.m. and will be able to produce 10 million flagship phones per year. Xiaomi made an investment of CNY 2.4 billion (about $330 million), and the company went into detail on Weibo about what exactly was improved to make this factory so special.

The plant has what Jun calls intelligent manufacturing platform. It can make independent decisions and execute them to improve processes. Xiaomi explained in detail that this includes diagnosing equipment issues and even making automated purchases of raw materials and components.

There are 3.5 weeks until the end of this month, meaning we should soon start getting teasers for the new Fold 4 that is reportedly going global. We don’t know whether the same will happen to the Mix Flip, which is going to be Xiaomi’s first clamshell foldable.


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