This summer’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked brought a handful of new devices including the highly anticipated Galaxy Ring, two new phones — the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 — a pair of wearables, the Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch 7 Ultra and the redesigned Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro. They were accompanied by updates to the software and Galaxy AI-driven features, natch. 

The phones got some updates to bring them into parity with the Galaxy S24 line, which shipped earlier this year. Both are guaranteed seven years of software upgrades. They also added Circle to Search and support for Google’s Gemini

Samsung said it creates an on-device knowledge graph — everything the device knows about you — which you can limit to on-device processing.

For a play-by-play of the event, check out the archived live blog.

Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Ring Gallery: Details Up Close

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Galaxy Ring

Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring at Mobile World Congress and delivered our initial impressions, but today we got the complete details and a deeper hands-on experience. The Android ring is pricey at $400, but unlike its cheaper competitor, the Oura Ring Gen 3, it doesn’t require a subscription. It does require a Galaxy phone for more personalized AI health analysis. Preorders start July 24.

Battery life ranges between 6 and 7 days, depending upon size, and the transparent case can hold 1.5 charges.

Rather than list all the features here — since it’s new, there are a lot — check out the hands-on for details. In addition to a plethora of health-related tracking, including sleep, it supports a finger-tap gesture in conjunction with a Galaxy phone or Watch, similar to Apple’s Double Tap, and works with Find app for when you inevitably lose it. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 6

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 

Jide Akinrinade/CNET

Galaxy Z Fold 6

The Z Fold 6 introduces a number of changes, including a bigger front screen, an upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, improved cooling (for gaming), brighter screen (2,600 nits) and a new 12MP sensor for the ultrawide camera with better low light sensitivity. It also incorporates a stronger hinge and some changes to the screen to improve the smoothness of the crease and durabiity.  It supports ray tracing, Vulkan optimization and has a smaller bezel, all in the name of better gaming. Also, a price increase: It now starts at $1,900. You can preorder starting today and it’s slated to ship July 24.

There are also new software capabilities, including several new Galaxy AI features, which we are seeing a lot in cameras and laptops, albeit under different names. They include Portrait Studio (which restyles an image, for example as a watercolor), a tool which uses generative AI to add sketched objects to images, autosuggestion of words when writing, a Conversation mode which uses the two screens to show a translation on one and the original on the second and more.

Galaxy Unpacked: Galaxy Ring, Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6, Watch Ultra, AI Updates and Everything Else Samsung Just Announced

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Galaxy Z Flip 6

Similar to the Z Fold 6, Samsung has updated the screen design to make the crease less visible. It’s also garnered an upgraded 50MP main camera and the same upgraded 12MP ultrawide as the Z Fold 6, plus a larger 4,000 mAh battery. In addition, it gets the same processor and vapor chamber (better cooling for gaming) upgrades as the other device. It enters preorder today, with a slightly higher starting price than its predecessor: $1,100.

Flip-specific new features include auto zoom, which detects subjects when shooting while the phone is in Flex mode and autoframes them. You can now put multiple widgets on the cover screen, and it can suggest responses based on previous messages when texting. It also comes with wallpapers that change with the time or the weather.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra
Numi Prasarn/CNET

Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7

The Galaxy Watch Ultra comes out as the rugged Android competitor for the pricier Apple Watch Ultra 2; at $650, it’s Samsung’s most expensive, too. Samsung has squircled the design, used a faster processor than that of other models, included FDA-authorized sleep apnea detection and focused on durability for outdoor use. It’s made from Titanium and comes in gray, white or silver.

There’s a redesigned bioactive sensor to support the heart rate sensor, electrical heart rate signal and bioimpedance sensor, which measures body composition. The company claims it’s more accurate than earlier Galaxy Watches for a bunch of the readings it takes.  There’s expanded workout capabilities over other Watch models, plus a four-minute cycling-specific functional threshold power test (FTP), which extrapolates to the maximum level of intensity you can maintain for an hour. 

It runs Wear OS 5 and incorporates a dual-frequency GPS for better accuracy.  

Galaxy Unpacked: Galaxy Ring, Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6, Watch Ultra, AI Updates and Everything Else Samsung Just Announced

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The band-attachment mechanism has been streamlined, but it also means older bands won’t work on this watch and vice versa. Battery life is rated at between 48 and 100 hours, depending upon the type of usage.

The cheaper $300 Galaxy Watch 7 comes with up to 32GB storage. Storage options have doubled compared to the Galaxy Watch 6, so you can now get up to 32GB which is helpful if you like to store music on your watch or load up on apps.

Both Watches have ECG, irregular HR notifications and Samsung’s bioimpedance sensor, for body composition data. sleep apnea detection and the new bioactive sensor. 

Galaxy AI drives an Energy Score and personalized health tips, and when paired with a relevant phone can analyze incoming messages and give tonally-appropriate suggested replies in the Messages app and WhatsApp.    


Both the Galaxy Buds Pro 3 (left) and Galaxy Buds 3 (right) come in silver or white. 

David Carnoy/CNET

Galaxy Buds 3  and Buds 3 Pro

The two Buds models now feature stems like Apple AirPods, and the Buds 3 (which replace the Buds Live) have a similar open design. They support pinch and swipe controls, ear detection for when you remove or insert them and voice command for playback. Samsung says they’ll run up to six hours — less with ANC enabled — and support shareable Bluetooth audio and some basic splash resistance, among other features, like transparency mode.

If you want noise isolation or the ability to choose ear tips, higher quality ANC and environmentally aware volume leveling and better sound (it has an independent tweeter and dual amps) that’ll be the Pro.

Both have three mics and pretrained voice models for AI-boosted call quality. They also have integrations with Galaxy devices, such as automatic pairing and switching, as well as an AI-driven interpreter feature.

The Buds 3 are $180 while the Pro are $250. You can preorder them now and they ship July 24.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro With AirPods-Like Designs

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