OpenAI has become somewhat of the poster child for AI advancements in recent years, opening ChatGPT up, offering more content for free and landing a big Apple partnership for iOS 18 to make it the LLM on everyone’s mind.

And, while the company still works to bring additional features from its ChatGPT-4o demo to fruition, its CEO already has his eyes on what’s next.

Sam Altman has been speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival (via Decoder) about ChatGPT-5. 

While Altman wasn’t keen to go into details on the next evolution of its LLM, Altman says it’ll offer a “significant leap forward”.

“I expect it to be a significant leap forward. A lot of the things that GPT-4 gets wrong, you know, can’t do much in the way of reasoning, sometimes just sort of totally goes off the rails and makes a dumb mistake, like even a six-year-old would never make,” he added.

Sam Altman’s mixed feelings about GPT-4

Back in May, Altman told a Stanford University lecture that “GPT-4 is the dumbest model any of you will ever have to use”, even going so far as to call the flagship LLM “mildly embarrassing at best”.

“It’s important to ship early and often and we believe in iterative deployment. If we go build AGI in a basement and then the world is kind of blissfully walking blindfolded along, I don’t think that makes us very good neighbours,” he said at the time.

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That was followed by the very impressive GPT-4o reveal which showed the model solving written equations and offering emotional, conversational responses. The demo was so impressive, in fact, that Google’s DeepMind got Project Astra to react to it.

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