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Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper, cut-down version of the Apple Vision Pro, scheduled to arrive by the end of 2025, according to The Information. At the same time, the publication says development work on a second-generation high-end model of the Vision Pro has been shelved, seemingly to prioritize the cheaper hardware path.

Although it’s unclear at what price point the cheaper Apple Vision headset would hit, anything less than the $3,500 starting price of Vision Pro will help the company compete with the likes of the Meta Quest. The Information suggests Apple is aiming for a price around $1500, similar to the cost of a high-end iPhone.

Just last week, Apple announced the first international expansion for Apple Vision Pro availability to eight new countries, and previewed new platform software features coming in visionOS 2.

The Information says it is possible Apple could resume work on a high-end second-gen Vision Pro at some point, but it seems relatively confident that the move reflects a change in strategy for the time being.

Apple originally intended for the Vision lineup to comprise multiple models. That would have seen a second-generation Vision Pro sit alongside the cheaper Vision device. But at least for now, it seems only the cheaper model will be shipping as originally planned.

The Information says the number of employees assigned to the second-gen Vision Pro had been gradually declining over the course of the last year, as attention turned to the cheaper model.

However, even the cheaper hardware product is facing engineering challenges. The company is apparently struggling to find ways to cut the price of the device, without sacrificing too much of the experience. It also wants to make the headset lighter, with weight being one of the biggest criticisms of the Vision Pro hardware.

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