Nvidia (via MEGAsizeGPU) is reportedly making an RTX 4080 TI class card, with a rumored release date in early 2024 to rival the best graphics cards. The rumored RTX 40-series (Ada Lovelace) GPU may carry the RTX 4080S (Super) or RTX 4080 Ti model name, featuring the RTX 4090’s AD102 GPU die and a power rating below 450W.

One of the most exciting aspects of MEGAsizeGPU’s tweet was his claims that the RTX 4080S/Ti could have a value in the “…same price range as the RTX 4080”. The wording suggests the RTX 4080S/Ti is not merely another SKU to fill in pricing gaps in Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace lineup but to rectify Nvidia’s horrible pricing at the high end potentially.

If the rumor is accurate, we can expect Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super/Ti to be priced right around, if not directly at the RTX 4080’s $1,199 MSRP. To compensate, this would inevitably drop the RTX 4080’s price by at least $100-200, if not more. We’ve already seen RTX 4080’s price tag drop below quadruple-digit pricing.

This move would incentivize more customers to purchase Nvidia’s RTX 4080 class graphics cards. When the RTX 4080 launched, the graphics card was heavily criticized for its incredibly high pricing. As a reminder, the RTX 4080 launched at nearly double the price of its predecessor, the RTX 3080, which hit the market for $699.

A price discount for the RTX 4080 would also enable the GPU to better compete with AMD’s more competitive RX 7900 XTX flagship GPU. The 7900 XTX is the better card of the two for rasterized gaming, with performance that can slightly outperform the RTX 4080 at 1440P and 4K resolutions while costing $100-$150 less (compared to the RTX 4080’s $1,199 MSRP). A price cut of a few hundred dollars would enable the RTX 4080 to compete far better with the RX 7900 XTX while offering superior power efficiency and ray tracing performance for gamers who use ray tracing.

Beyond pricing, there is room for an RTX 4080S/Ti class card in Nvidia’s lineup. The difference in core count and SM count between the RTX 4090 and 4080 is a whopping 50%, so the RTX 4080S/Ti could be much faster than the RTX 4080 if specced properly. But, as always, take these rumors with a grain of salt since there’s no guarantee that Nvidia will release an RTX 4080 Super or RTX 4080 Ti, although it would make sense.

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