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Samsung has been rumored to be working on a mixed-reality headset for quite some time, with the reveal of Apple’s headset pushing the product back a bit. Now, the XR headset that Samsung is planning is reportedly coming at a date later on in 2024, several months after Apple Vision Pro debuts.

The XR headset Samsung is working on has been teased already, with Samsung and Google jointly announcing that a special version of Android would be used on the forthcoming product, which would be powered by a Snapdragon chip. It was largely expected that Samsung would launch, or at least show off, the headset this year, but the product was reportedly delayed considerably following Apple’s reveal of the Vision Pro headset.

Now, South Korean publication JoongAng reports that Samsung is aiming to unveil its mixed-reality headset, codenamed “Infinite,” at a date sometime in the second half of 2024.

Apparently, Samsung would announce the headset at an Unpacked event in the “second half of the year,” which would likely be the same event used to launch Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6. Generally speaking, those are expected in either July or August. However, the event wouldn’t be closed followed by the actual start of sales, which will reportedly land in December 2024.

That’s coming up on a year after Apple is set to start delivering Vision Pro, which begins in “early 2024.”

The report goes on to add that Samsung is planning to make 30,000 units initially and will task Samsung Display with producing the OLEDoS display for the headset, the same technology that Apple uses.

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