(Pocket-lint) – Whether you’re preparing for your first ever semester, or are a couple of years into being a student, one thing’s consistent about school nowadays – you can’t get by without a solid computer to back you up.

Gone are the days of handwritten essays and notes – it’s all about devices that can help you be productive digitally, for the most part. That’s why HP’s back-to-school guide is so great – it has deals on a whole range of computers and other devices that can help you be the best you can be at school. We’ve picked out a few potential highlights for you below, but check out the full range of savings to see if anything fits your needs exactly.

HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop 14-ek0097nr

When most people think about working in college they rightly think of a laptop – a versatile bit of kit that can help you bash out essays or take notes while you’re listening to a lecture. Plus, you can curl up in the evenings and watch movies or TV on it, too.

This Pavilion laptop is perfect for all of those uses – it’s got a great 14-inch screen that’s crisp and sharp, big enough to let you multitask while you work on your studies, but also packs in key features for entertainment. Its speakers punch above their weight, and the 2-in-1 hinge means you can use it as a tablet for streaming or handwriting whenever you need it. That’s the sort of versatility that really comes into its own when you’re embarking on an academic journey.

HP V24i FHD Monitor

Suppose you’ve already got a laptop, and you’re finding that working in your dorm room or apartment is a bit of a struggle. In that case, you might want to pick up a monitor – having something to plug your laptop into for extra space on-screen is a massive change that can really unlock your productivity.

This HP monitor is a great 24-inch model that’s incredibly reasonably priced, and works with a simple HDMI or VGA connection, meaning it’ll work with practically any device. It’s got great contrast and is full-HD, at 1080p, making it ideal for working on.

Victus by HP 15L Gaming Desktop

Some people find that the problem they have at school isn’t with working – it’s with finding time to relax and de-stress! If you think that could apply to you, a good gaming PC could be a great way to unlock new possibilities each evening.

This attractive desktop tower in the Victus line is a great deal, with powerful GPU and processor options from AMD that you can customise to be as powerful or as modest as you want them. This means you can build a PC that’s right for your needs and budget. The added benefit is that it’ll almost certainly crunch through any work tasks you do end up throwing its way, making it a smart investment for anyone working on a visual course, or who needs to process images or video.

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