Samsung gaming monitors are ridiculously cheap at Best Buy

Samsung gaming monitors are ridiculously cheap at Best Buy

August 3, 2022 0 By Aaron Mamiit

If you’ve invested in gaming PC deals, you shouldn’t forget to buy a gaming monitor that will give justice to the computer’s processing power and the video games that you’ll play. A decent-sized gaming monitor could also be a necessity if you bought from gaming laptop deals, as you may want to play on a larger screen while you’re at home. In any case, one of the highly recommended brands for monitors is Samsung, a fixture in Digital Trends’ best gaming monitors that offers various models with a wide range of prices to match your preferences.

Samsung gaming monitors don’t usually come cheap, but you’ll be able to stretch your budget through Best Buy’s gaming monitor deals. Among the best offers are the $120 discount for the 27-inch Samsung Odyssey CRG5 gaming monitor, which lowers its price to $280 from its original price of $400, and the $100 discount for the 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor, which bring its price down to $300 from its sticker price of $400. These price cuts may end at any time though, so if either of them catches your eye, you shouldn’t waste time in finalizing the purchase.

27-inch Samsung Odyssey CRG5 gaming monitor — $280, was $400

27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor — $300, was $400

27-inch Samsung Odyssey CRG5 gaming monitor — $280, was $400

The Samsung Odyssey CRG5 gaming monitor features a 27-inch curved screen, which provides a more immersive experience for certain games while also possibly reducing glare and reflections, according to our computer monitor buying guide. The monitor also offers Full HD resolution for a clear look at the details of the games’ graphics, plus a refresh rate of up to 240Hz and a 4ms response time for eliminating lag even during the most action-packed sequences. The Samsung Odyssey CRG5 supports Nvidia’s G-Sync, which helps prevent screen tearing and stuttering when using a PC with an Nvidia graphics card.

27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor — $300, was $400

If you want a traditional flat display, then you should go for the Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor, which features a 27-inch screen with QHD resolution and HDR10 support, a 165Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. In addition to Nvidia’s G-Sync, the monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium to work with AMD graphics cards for the purpose of eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. You’ll also have the option of adjusting the screen to display a 21:9 ratio, as the Ultrawide Game View will show you more of the games that you play.

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