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Sony Samsung CES

CES 2017 Sony and Samsung Booth Tour

For those that were not able to make it to CES 2017, we have a fly by of both Sony and Samsung's booth.  With so much cool tech to see, hopefully this gives you just a taste.

Samsung QLED

CES 2017 QLED vs Conventional

Fellow Nerds! Welcome to CES 2017. At CES Samsumg is showing off its new QLED. Here is a side by side comparison.

Pre CES LG Thumb

CES 2017 LG Pre Show – What to Expect

CES 2017 is here and what do we expect form LG? LG is expected to show off their answer to Amazon Alexa - Hub Robot, Wallpaper OLED Tv, K-Series phone and the Stylus 3.