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At SoundsNerdy.News, the goal is to provide tech enthusiasts with a one-stop place to get curated news from across the internet.  Here, stories are posted throughout the day with dozens of new stories across Windows-PCAppleSamsung-Android topics.  Each news item is directly linked back to the original source giving credit where it’s due.  You will also notice that sometimes you will see multiple stories of the same subject posted throughout the news page, this is purposeful to give you a diverse take on a particular story.
The goal is to become the #1 Tech news aggregator site, making it easy and convenient to get the latest and pertinent news in one location.     SoundsNerdy.News will strive to deliver the relevant tech news stories for your enjoyment. The site will continue to undergo changes and upgrades to make it the premier site for tech enthusiasts. If you have any suggestions to help us reach that goal, please reach out at feedback@soundsnerdy.com and freely give your recommendations.
As a tech enthusiast, I would visit a dozen or so tech-related sites daily just to stay up to date on the latest news. Not being very efficient and time-consuming, the need to have tech news in one convenient location was much needed. There are aggregators for politics, and celebrity news, why not have something for tech news. Every day dozens of news items are curated and posted on SoundsNerdy.News.  That may seem like a lot, but if you stay on the site and visit daily, you may not miss a story.
The site continues to experience growth week by week and we are interested in obtaining deals with the right partner.  If you are interested in any type of advertisements, sponsorships, or affiliated deals, click here for more details.